Introducing Khaleesi

(El Fathir x Kazheema)

Rising star

Fun with poses

Models are Amanda Winterfell and Kazheema
A lovely team!


Comardron - Edited fur

I know some people consider this cheating, but I had to do it to get him registered. Comardron is bred by one white and one bay parent, it made him have white undercoat and loads of chestnut markings.

First and last time I'm breeding a white horse with something else than black / gray.



What do you think?

Introducing Comardron

Rigel Corazon (Midnight + Kazhmir) x Exquisita


Should I breed him or not?.....

The Winterfell hunter arena

My new hunter arena, the horse is Kazheema.

Meet Rigels new mate, Exquisita

Downloaded from exchange for the purpose of training and becoming Rigel Corazon's mate

Rigel fancies her, the second she started jumping he showed up, watching her closely.

 Love at first sight!

Kazheema is born!

Al Baraki x Athena (Kazhmir x Midnight)

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